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Training and Facilitation

Our trained facilitators are able to promote a collaborative environment and keep your group focused on the goal.

Strategic Sourcing

Our methodology incorporates relevant data (i.e. benchmarking, spend, customer needs, market intelligence, etc.) to maximize your leverage to gain the best procurement value.

Cooperative Purchasing

We know how to work with multiple organizations who are interested in achieving the best purchase value by combining users requirements.

Project Management

We will work with you and your staff to develop a project plan that willl keep your project on track through completion.

Strategic Planning

We will work with you to provide a strategic plan road map that addresses your mission.



True Path Consultants, LLC provides an array of exemplary business support services. Our staff has achieved national and state recognition. Our business support services include training, course development, procurement/acquisition services, solution focused leadership and other strategic services. We have trained thousands; led and guided several organizations on their success journey. Our experience in government, local communities, higher education and private industry has yielded impressive outcomes, efficiencies and value opportunities.

Are you in need of engaged training that enhances your employee culture?


Our training can improve your business culture, customer service delivery and employee well being.

Do you want to reap the value of conducting your own cooperative purchasing agreement?

We have been there, done that and we want to do it again with you.

Are you interested in our other services?

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how our other services can provide you with value and measured outcomes.

10 years
experience in education
25 years
in the government and private industry


We employ best practices in our processes and service delivery.
We have experience as a recipient of consulting services and a provider of consulting services.
We have gained the respect and recognition of colleagues in our industry.
We are a team of certified professionals.
We have an award winning team.



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Michelle Hill

Sr. Training and Education Consultant

Debra White

CEO and Sr. Strategy Consultant





True Path Consultants Join Fayette County’s Workforce Development Tactics Taskforce

True Path Consultants (TPC) has joined Fayette County’s Workforce Development Tactics Task Force whose purpose is to identify and implement strategies to attract and maintain a viable workforce that supports the County’s businesses.  The taskforce will also address the need for strong community and service support.

Michelle Hill Joins National Certification Exam Team

Michelle Hill, TPC’s Training Consultant has been selected to be part of a national certification review team to update a national certification test to reflect current industry requirements. The team will meet in Washington D.C. later this year to review the certification test material.

True Path Consultants’ Solution Focused Leadership Training is Enthusiastically Received

This innovative training emphasizes that customer problems are an opportunity to demonstrate focused leadership. This training was enthusiastically received by employees who have expressed frustration and boredom with the typical customer service training.  Participants were taught that serving customers is an opportunity to demonstrate leadership through a solution focused response that demonstrates their organization’s values.