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True Path Consultants delivers individual and organizational training to private, public and non-profit organizations. Our specialty is developing acquisition/procurement support strategies, training, management services and assessments that are beneficial to government and communities. Our company prides itself by being governed by strong ethical values that is reflected in the services we provide.


Training and Facilitation

Our trained facilitators are able to promote a collaborative environment and keep your group focused on the goal. Our trainers can also help equip your personnel to be more productive and knowledgeable in their assigned responsibilities, while building a positive culture and increasing your capacity to accomplish your mission.

Strategic Sourcing

Our methodology incorporates relevant data (i.e. benchmarking, spend, customer needs, market intelligence, etc.) to maximize your leverage to gain the best procurement value.  Regardless of how you choose to incorporate our strategy services in your program; whether it is developing strategic procurements, augmenting or training your staff; our approach to strategic sourcing will produce measurable results.

Cooperative Purchasing

We know how to work with multiple organizations who are interested in achieving the best purchase value by combining users requirements and spend to leverage competitive services and pricing, while ensuing any financial benefit stays in your local community. In addition, we will also work with your staff to identify cooperative purchasing agreements in place and incorporate your terms and conditions.

Project Management

We will work with you and your staff to develop a project plan that willl keep your project on track through completion. The project plan is inclusive of a timeline, milestones, communication strategies, critical paths and identifying risk.

Strategic Planning

We will work with you to provide a strategic plan road map that addresses your mission. The road map will take into account your environmental realities to improve your current performance, while preparing you to embrace future opportunities.